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Workforce Development Jobs Informational Session

Join us for an upcoming Jobs Informational Session to learn more about positions available at the new arena and find out how these family supporting careers will shape the future of Milwaukee.

May 30th
Hosted by Alderman Rainey
5 PM
Parklawn YMCA
4340 N 46th St, Milwaukee, WI 53216

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WisconsinESC has joined with SkillSmart to help interested parties identify possible job types that might fit their skill sets and to identify training opportunities that might be of interest. SkillSmart is a third party, independent from WisconsinESC. The information on the SkillSmart portal describes skills and qualifications generally needed for each position or job type, as well as resources that may assist interested parties with the development of those skills and qualifications. It is not a listing of currently available WisconsinESC positions or actual job openings. Completion of the skills profile and other aspects of the SkillSmart portal is not, and will not be, considered to be an application for employment with WisconsinESC. Any information you provide to SkillSmart is held by SkillSmart and is subject to SkillSmart’s privacy policy and related terms and conditions. WisconsinESC is not responsible for how that information is used or maintained.