Where will the new arena be located?

The new Fiserv Forum will be constructed in downtown Milwaukee immediately north of the current BMO Harris Bradley Center – bordered by 4th and 6th Streets, and Highland and Juneau Avenues. It will be surrounded by a vibrant entertainment district, connecting it to Old World 3rd Street and occupying the lots north of the new arena.

The location is a reflection of the commitment of Bucks owners and Senator Herb Kohl to make sure the team would be a catalyst in the revitalization of downtown Milwaukee. That’s why owners Wes Edens, Marc Lasry and Jamie Dinan proposed an additional $500 million in private development surrounding the arena to help transform 25 acres in the heart of downtown into a vibrant community.

How much will the new arena cost and how will it be financed?

The arena construction is estimated to cost $500 million. It will be financed through a public-private partnership. Former Bucks owner Senator Herb Kohl generously committed $100 million and current Bucks owners contributed an additional $150 million to cover half the estimated cost with private funds.

The state of Wisconsin, city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County collectively are contributing the other half of the costs, without raising taxes. The Bucks ownership group has agreed to assume any construction cost over-runs and take on all responsibility for maintenance and operating costs moving forward so that taxpayer contributions are capped.

When will the new arena be completed?

The arena will be completed for the 2018-19 NBA season.

Who will own the new arena?

The Wisconsin Center District will own the property and new arena, while the Bucks will be a tenant and primary operator for the building.

Will the BMO Harris Bradley Center be demolished?

Yes, after the new arena is constructed. It will be demolished to make way for additional private development to enhance the community surrounding the arena and further connect it to the revitalization of downtown.

How will the experience at the new arena compare to BMO Harris Bradley Center?

While the plans are still preliminary, the owners of the Bucks are committed to creating the best possible fan experience in the new arena with features, amenities and services that rival the best venues in the world.

If I already have Bucks full season tickets, will I have priority in the new arena?

Bucks full season ticket holders at the BMO Harris Bradley Center will have first priority in transitioning to Fiserv Forum. The relocation process for all current plan holders will be communicated within the next calendar year.

If I don’t currently have season tickets but want to purchase them in the new arena, what’s the best way to do so?

On-sale dates for season tickets in the new arena will be communicated at a later date. In the meantime, the best way to secure priority for the new arena is to become a Bucks full season ticket holder today.

Will ticket prices be the same as the current arena?

Prices have not yet been determined and will include a $2 surcharge that is collected by the state of Wisconsin, but the Bucks are committed to offering competitive ticket pricing with a terrific value for all fans.

What other types of events will take place at the new arena?

The arena will be a year-round centerpiece for Wisconsin’s cultural and entertainment industry, attracting nationally-recognized musical acts, cultural events and other sporting competitions.

How many people will the new arena hold?

While the plans are not yet finalized, the current designs would hold more than 17,000 fans for basketball games and allow for flexibility in capacity for other events.

How can I apply for construction jobs on the new arena project?

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