Workforce Development Jobs Informational Session

Join us for an upcoming Jobs Informational Session to learn more about positions available at the new arena and find out how these family supporting careers will shape the future of Milwaukee.

May 30th
Hosted by Alderman Rainey
5 PM
Parklawn YMCA
4340 N 46th St, Milwaukee, WI 53216



Residential Preference Program (RPP)

The City of Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works helps individuals from the community gain access to employment opportunities on the various construction projects in the City of Milwaukee. Contractors bidding on certain public and private projects within the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) financed with public tax dollars must hire a percentage of City of Milwaukee residents to work on those projects. To verify your eligibility, WRTP/BIG STEP issues a certification to qualified individuals. Certification becomes invalid if you move outside Milwaukee city limits and will need to update certification with new city of Milwaukee address upon moving.

RPP Qualifications

RPP Qualifications

Bring Either:

A valid Wisconsin Driver’s Liscense, WI State ID, or a Picture Identification Card with a current City of Milwaukee address

You will also need to bring:

A copy of a current utility bill, cell phone bill, insurance bill, unemployment statement, bank statement, child support statement (non-junk mail) mailed to you in the last 30 days that matches your WI DRiver’s License, WI State ID, or Picture Identification Card


If your WI Driver’s License, WI State ID, or Picture Identification Card does not match your email; you must bring 2 pieces of accepted non-junk mail sent to you in the last 30 days with matching City of Milwaukee addresses.

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